Chasing Davies: Day 14 {More Color}

February 1, 2011

Day 14 {More Color}

I think I could live in this skirt.  It's so super comfy, and yet the lace makes it look way more fancy than PJs. So there, comfy as PJs, but nicer looking.  On day 3 I wore with my denim top with no color.  Today I wanted to switch up the look of this skirt by using more color.

 Turquoise necklace: From Urban Outfitters (not online, was a bday gift in October);
Other clothing details here.

My necklace is kind of similar to Emily from The Bachelor, the one she wore last night on episode 5:
I LOVE turquoise necklaces - ever since I got my J.Crew Turquoise Bubble necklace on Ebay, then a pretty from Banana Republic and the one I'm wearing as a gift.  I also loved Michelle's turquoise necklace she wore earlier this season, and now Emily's!  Here are some pretty turquoise necklaces to shop:

Double stranded turquoise beaded necklace; Single genuine strand of turquoise from Target; Teardrop turquoise necklace; Turquoise beaded  necklace from Kohl's

And always check Ebay!