Chasing Davies: Remix Challenge {Round 2}: Day 1 {Color Block}

January 13, 2011

Remix Challenge {Round 2}: Day 1 {Color Block}

Day 1.  One of 30 long days of wearing the same, boring pieces for 30 days.  Hold up.  Boring? I bought these duds!  I must like them?  I just need to relearn how to love them, do something different with them and try to be creative.  Well, you all can be the judge on how creative I can be.  Let's start this thing.

The easiest day of all...

I'm wearing...

A whole lotta J.Crew...Sweater, Turtleneck & Skirt
Chinese Laundry Suede Boots
Banana Republic Tights
Christmas Gift Watch {Nine West}

Oh and how about that plastic sheeting behind me?  As I mentioned, my main source of motivation to do this challenge is the home construction we've got going on.  Had to pack up my closet anyways...and since we're spending some pretty pennies on our house, might as well take the chance to save some in the shopping category.  Stay tuned for some home project pics next week!