Chasing Davies: Home Construction Forces Me into Another REMIX CHALLENGE

January 11, 2011

Home Construction Forces Me into Another REMIX CHALLENGE

Hey all! My home is under construction!!  I was forced to pack about 90% of my closets up and store in the attic, basement, stuffed between the couch cushions, on top of the dinning room table, laid over beer pong table, where ever I could find a spot!

My poor clothes hanging from the rafters of my basement!

The top level of our home's (all the bedrooms) floor is getting a major face lift.  All the country colored wood floors are being sanded all the way down and refinished.  This process takes a week and literally kicks us out of our house (horrible smell and no access to shower or beds).

 More clothing draped over stuff in the basement, and a very jammed packed living room.

And then in 2 weeks (after the floors harden) we're finished the white trim make over and getting down the last of the wallpaper, so I can start my guest bedroom trasformation! So much fun ahead. :)

Anyways, having to pack up a couple weeks worth of clothing and stuff - I thought this would be a perfect time to do another Remix Challenge!  30 days, 30 pieces of clothing/shoes.  You'll see all my 30 pieces tomorrow, and my first outfit of the challenge Thursday.  But first, is anyone with me?  Doing it already, or want to start up too?  Let me know!

You can see my first Remix Challenge from this past summer here to get an idea of how on earth I did it.  But here are the basics deets:

Sounds easy right?  Here is what I learned last time...

- About half way you notice the challenge...
- But it forced you me to get creative and try new ways to wear things that I normally wouldn't.
- Last time, I didn't do the whole no shopping thing, but this time I'm on a spending FREEZE.
- When picking your clothing, make sure you can envision at least 2 outfits with each piece you pick.  Pick some fun pieces and basics.

Here is a sneak peek at my 30 pickings:

You'll see it all in more detail tomorrow!

Until then...start picking your 30!