Chasing Davies: Remix Challenge: Day 14

August 16, 2010

Remix Challenge: Day 14

Not even half way there and I'm starting to feel this challenge.  Looked at my limited closet (I've moved my 30 items into the guest room closet, so I don't even look in regular closet, except for belts and am not tempted) for today's outfit and just felt BLAA!  I hate it all! I want my other clothes back!  I miss my gray wedges, and my hot pink dress - I miss my striped skirt, I want to wear my new navy dress, ag ag ag!  Ok, anyways.  Moving on for today's blaa outfit:

I liked the pops of yellow in my shoes and belt, but overall this outfit was too dark and gloomy for what I was feeling today. But I made this short dress work appropriate by wearing it over jeans - so that made me stretch this outfit option...

Dress - J.Crew, reviewed here
Jeans - Not Your Daughter's Jeans, last worn at Day 10
Yellow belt - Target
Yellow Flats - Target