Chasing Davies: Outfit Inspiration: J.Crew's Burnt Orange & Mint

March 4, 2010

Outfit Inspiration: J.Crew's Burnt Orange & Mint

More J.Crew inspirations...  Any one like me and keep all the J.Crew Catalogs?  I think I need a new way to save them, because the stack is growing too tall, but I don't want to recycle them as they are such great inspirations.  I started photoing the pages/outfits that I find most inspirational and have colors and/or clothes I have to refer back to, but still haven't been able to part with the actual pages... yet.  What do you guys do with your favorite catalogs?

Anyways, today's inspiration is from these photos:

Burnt orange with mint cords

Burnt orange shorts with mint coat and patterned top 

So from those styles, I put together my burnt orange cords, with my mint cardi and patterned ruffle cami (all J.Crew):