Chasing Davies: In Need: Little Black Dress

March 4, 2010

In Need: Little Black Dress

Who doesn't have a black dress?  Ridiculous. Out of everything in my closet, I don't have one going-out black dress.  I have a couple work dresses, but not to hit the town in or for a special occasion.  I'm a "colorful" person and love to experiment with different patterns and color mixtures, BUT everyone needs a good black dress for night time.

So anyone have in recommendations?  I'm in the market!  I want it to be sexy, but not slutty, flattering to a womanly (haha) body, night-time, Vegas, going-out, special occasion appropriate. And not boring.

Here are a few I've found online.  What do you guys think?

Victoria's Secret Matte Jersey One Shoulder Dress  

JS Boutique Sequin Shift Dress 
 Bit too simple...
Juicy Couture Strapless Dress 

Rachel Pally Desiree Dress 

And that's all I got...see, I need help. help!