Chasing Davies: Liberty of London Reviews!

March 14, 2010

Liberty of London Reviews!

The much talked about (like here and here) Liberty of London line at Target launch in stores and online today and I checked it out.  Unlike many of the other Go International and guest designer lines, I actually liked and loved some of the pieces on, and not just in the pretty ads and on the hanger (or other people).

I stalked the clothing mainly, but there were tons of other cute things (bedding, bags, umbrellas, lingerie, mens-wear).

I got this top in the Multi-Color Fairford Replacement print.  But tried it on in the other print, too...

I decided against this top in the Multi-Color Sixty Print because I loved it so much.

...So much, that I got it in the dress instead:

The other print option for the Ruffle Halter Dress is in Pink Martha Grace.
This dress is breezy, light and comfy!

I love this Yellow Dunclare Print Sateen Shift Dress, but didn't get it... Not quite sure where I'd wear it.
It's think and seems to be made really well - might be warm in the summer though, due to the think fabric.

Did you get anything from the line?

See what Kathy got!
She got the Shift dress in the other print, and it's making me think I should have gotten the yellow one!