Chasing Davies: How To Save Cake for a Year!

March 13, 2010

How To Save Cake for a Year!

So as I mentioned in my recent one year anniversary post.  We saved the top of our wedding cake for one year and broke it out to eat on our 1st anniversary last weekend. I was nervous, but hopeful!  And the results?  It.was.ahhhhh-mazing.  So good, the after hubs and I took the first bite - our eyes lit up and we high-fived!

So, how to freeze and save cake for a year?  My mom got it right:

Stored in cake box from our cake maker.  This box was completely taped up - so no air getting in the cracks!

Inside the box, the cake in 5 layers of foil - wrapped in different directions.

THEN under the foil, it was wrapped in another 5 layers - this time of saran wrap, wrapped in different directions.

I could smell the amazing cake and it looked very pretty - still!

It seriously tastes just as it did one year ago.  And still eating it! :)