Chasing Davies: Amazon It List: Quarantined Edition

March 21, 2020

Amazon It List: Quarantined Edition


It is a weird, scary, anxious time for all on planet earth right now.  Without getting too much into my feelings about it all (at this time), I wanted to share some items that are helping us get through our quarantined life (or those that I'm ordering and considering due to to our new found life of doing everything from home). 

As of now, Amazon is still shipping, so here is my "Quarantined Edition" of the Amazon it List!  

My tip for handling deliveries in this time: open deliveries outside, throw/recycle packaging away outside, then wipe down contents with lysol before bringing into your home. As always, wash your hands when done.
Life At Home 

Not sure about you, but we have stocked up on freezer goods or freezing fresh produce (more than canned foods) so that we can keep eating the fruits, veggies, meats and meals we're used to as much as possible throughout this time. We currently don't have a secondary freezer, and not a lot of space to store one, so I have done some research on small options!

Extra small (that locks, so kids stay out), small and small chest

With lots of home time, my kids are spending a ton more time in comfy clothes (including pajamas). These jammies are adorable, super soft, come in many clothes and with and without ruffled edges and Nora loves this lightweight leopard sweatshirt (great for transition from winter to spring).

During this first week of quarantine, both my kids turned to art a ton. Which I loved. I'm getting some art craft supplies to fuel the next month (?!).

And me? I'm just surviving with my at home coffee situation (I have a full review here), and snacking on these healthy candies

Home Work Life

I know a great deal of you are now working from home and being a stay at home parents - and that's a whole lot of work all at once. We're starting to find our new groove here. But what I still need to figure out is a better longer-than-we-wish solution for a better and more comfortable work space.

You can turn any surface into a desk space with this multifunctional desk pad (a la my dining room table).

And one thing I've learned from working from home 6 days in a row... I miss my office chair/standing desk.  My back and neck hurt.  This chair is very reasonable and highly rated, and this one comes in a cool grey color. But what I'm really contemplating is this standing computer stand on wheels (I can roll it away from my kids!).

Now that I'm starting at screens even more (especially with my social life also exclusively through screens), I'm finally caving on getting some blue blocking glasses.

Stay Healthy

not 100% sold that vitamins do a TON, but they can't hurt. From the research I've read, Vitamin D is super important to support your immune system, and there is some rising research on elderberry. So both me and the kids are leveraging those (adult elderberry one and this kids version also has vitamin d + zinc included)!

Also helping me both mentally and physically is home workouts. There is NO shortage of free working resources online. I honestly love searching YouTube and doing yoga and cardio classes and finding strengthening moves. Some of my favorite local studios have started live streaming, too (I did a yoga class via Zoom with Darling Yoga, and loved that).

Here are some of my favorite home workout equipment (don't need a ton!):

What it saving you on Amazon in this time?

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