Chasing Davies: Relaxing Girlfriend Time

November 7, 2019

Relaxing Girlfriend Time


After a whirlwind summer, start to fall and fresh jet lag from Italy, my good friend and I wanted to hang out and catch up, but also craved something low key and def needed some relaxation. 

So... what did we do?

First, we started out with massages at Massage Heights, where I got my first ever hot stone massage - and it was wonderful!  The heat from the stones help muscles to relax, releasing muscular tension while also helping to increase circulation through the blood vessels and the lymphatic system, getting rid of your body's toxins.  But the TLDR version is: It felt so good, especially for sore and extra tense areas. I carry my stress in my shoulders, upper back and neck - so they were able to concentrate in that vicinity, which was amazing.

We almost did a couples massage, but decided to save the chit chat for a dinner following and went to our own rooms. But Massage Heights has both single and couples rooms with locations all over to find one convenient for you and your situation.

After coming out of our hour of bliss, we pulled ourselves back together and headed to Houlihan's in Fairway to try out their new seasonal menu.  I really enjoy Houlihan's in general, definitely their happy hour, but their seasonal menus always have some delicious and surprising items that I love to try!  

The current menu might be my fav yet - and good news, if you fall in love with something, like I usually do, there is a good chance they'll move it to the main menu (which they do for popular items).  The grilled chicken nachos and the ding dong martini were my two favs from this season (and I've already had that martini again since).

And yes, that is a real Hostess Ding Dong on that drink! Talk about a fun(ny) surprise and delight! And tasty. Not sure I've had one of these since 6th grade, but I'm not mad about reintroducing myself to this little delight in my 30s!

(bonus for left overs!)

So, do yourself a favor, grab a girlfriend (or many), and plan a date to relax, catch up and enjoy - especially during this crazy holiday season! 

Outfit details (for those that have asked about these shoes on IG - they are also VERY comfortable and holding up great! Love them):

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