Chasing Davies: A Break from the Sun with Dragons!

June 4, 2019

A Break from the Sun with Dragons!


After a very cold and snowy winter and then a very wet spring, we threw ourselves into summer as fast as we could.  Parks, picnics, sprinklers, the pool and a lot of SUN just within the first two weeks caused for some very sleepy evenings and much needed afternoon quiet time. My kids don't nap anymore, so we enforce quiet time - which most of the time they complain incessantly about the entire time (so... not very quiet). This past weekend, after pulling them in from the pool for a much needed break from the sun on their fair, fresh from winter skin, I had a surprise for them. 

We are HUGE 'How To Train Your Dragon' fans in our house, watching the first two on repeat. They are movies not only both my kids can agree on (a small feat), but ones that both my husband and I enjoy watching, too. So, now that How To Train Your Dragon 3 is out, we had to do it right.

Walmart has an extra special version - How To Train Your Dragon 3 Walmart Exclusive DVD Gift Set that includes 2 Funko keychains - and with the extra bonus of t-shirts and dragon toys this was a real treat for the kids. We popped some popcorn and all took our rest time immersed in the movie. Liam had already seen this movie in theaters, but it was the first time for the rest of us - and we were all so excited, especially Nora, to see a female dragon!

The movie is full of action, love and friendship, and looking for solutions. I love that the movie includes unconventional leaders and path that is constantly re-assessed as the end goal changes. I think it shows my kids that anyone can step up to be anything they want and challenges along the way doesn't mean it's over. Not to give too much away, I have to say my favorite part was the end. A happy ending for all (though not the one originally envisioned) gave us all a good feeling as we ran back out into the sun!

You can grab the new release of How to Train Your Dragon 3 Walmart Exclusive DVD Gift Set at Walmart today and make those breaks from the great outdoors this early summer a real hit!

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