Chasing Davies: Kitchen Must-Haves for a Healthy Start

January 13, 2019

Kitchen Must-Haves for a Healthy Start


Eating healthy starts with cooking healthy - at home, and that requires the right gadgets, inspiration and tools to make it all more palatable. Cooking (and baking) for me does not come easy. I am not a natural. When a recipe says prep time of 10 minutes, I triple it.  And I don't even look at the ones that have a prep time of 30 minutes or over - hah!

I also like kitchen tools and gadgets that can double as decor - since I'm just starting to get the knack for proper organization (another must!), and I'm usually hustling, so really ideal to have my main tools in arms reach and easy to put away later. Even better if putting it away means setting it on my counter. ;)

For a new year, with your new goals (if you're like me... eating healthy and more so at home) - I've rounded up my top 7 kitchen must-haves below!

Stoneware is a must, but you have to figure out what you'll most want it for to determine the size. I have a few, and up until recently, was mostly using when entertaining - but have challenged myself to use more often and just for fun! 

Not only do they cook better and keep food warm - but the bright colors or crisp white make it more fun than a plain metal pan. Bonus, if it sits out on your counter - it doesn't look so bad.

Cutting boards are a utility you need, but also double as serving trays for cheese and charcuterie. Furthermore, some even look wonderful out on display, leaning against the back splash or wall. Get them in different sizes and designs - like this long, skinny one with marble or a set of olive wood cutting boards.

Trade in your mismatched, nicked and wilted cooking utensils for a set that matches. You won't even have to shove them in a drawer, you could display them right out on the counter - throwing them in a canister for easy use.

One of my favorite small appliances is my Blendtec blender. This has lasted me 5 years and going strong. I use it weekly - and there is never any re-blending or stirring throughout needed.
Make this homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte (healthier and cheaper)!

For all those stews and chili that are so great to make in the winter time, I got a cast iron dutch oven for Christmas! After a ton of research (if you know my husband.... you know we don't buy/ask for anything that isn't reviewed, tested and approved by the likes of Wire Cutter and others), we landed on this 6 qt one in crispy white by Lodge.

And my favorite thing to make in it... this veggie packed stew!

My favorite reusable item - the Stasher bag! It's basically a reusable Ziplock, but you can also freeze it, dishwasher it and boil it (a la sous vide). They also come in all kinds of colors, 3 different sizes and easy to close/open.

And the icing on the cake... or the avocado on the salad (?) for healthy cooking and keeping your kitchen space conveniently looking good (even when cluttered), cookbooks! I recently went through mine and cleaned out my way too massive stash, but the few I kept not only give me the best recipes, but look good. My favorite? Clean Slate by the editors of the great Martha Stewart Living.

My favorite kitchen gadgets, tools and appliances:

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