Chasing Davies: Beauty Must-Haves: My Go-To Face Serums

September 6, 2018

Beauty Must-Haves: My Go-To Face Serums

I never knew what a face serum really was, or if it really did anything until about a year ago when I had a skin consultation, and learned the benefits.  I was amazed at the punch they pack, and how easy it was to include into your skincare routine. You can even keep using your other beloved products, just add serum(s) to your skin first, right after freshly cleansed. 

The tip I learned when applying my skincare products is the lighter, more watery the product - the sooner it goes on your face. Add thicker, creams later in your line up.  So, after my face is clean, I add my serums - and I use 3 - before my face lotion (at night) or sunscreen/make up (for day).

I love serums overall because of how quickly they are absorbed into the skin.  They penetrate deeper into your skin delivering active ingredients into the skin vs. lotions and creams that stay mostly on top of the skin, keeping the good of your skin in.

Here are my three serums used on the regular:

1. I use Glossier's Super Pure serum to help with breakouts. I apply this first after I've washed my face (it seems the lightest, most watery of the three) - both morning and night, typically when and where I'm more broken out, as to make it last longer. 

This serum has niacinamide and zinc that helps reduce redness, and calm blemishes.  In the month I've been using, I feel like it really is doing just that for my skin!

2. My overall goodness face serum is SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum.  I learned that the number one skin product every one should use first and foremost is vitamin C serum, which helps protect your skin from sun damage and slows signs of aging.

But in an always effort to be most efficient, I learned of Vitamin C serums that go beyond just that, and include the addition of the Ferulic acid and vitamin E, which provides further benefits. The Ferulic acid helps reverse sun damage and signs of aging. When combined alongside vitamin C and E, it can also help the stability and efficiency of those antioxidants.  

Vitamin E helps eliminate scars and permanent marks, but also said to help skin stay soft.  

3. The third serum that is also in my constant rotation is a specialized eye product. The Hydraboost Eye Serum smooths and reduces the appearance of fine lines, circles and puffiness around the eyes.  

The Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid help replenish moisture around the eye area while the natural tamarind, aloe and centella asiatica helps repair and soothe, and licorice root extract helps brightens under-eye darkness.

And as added bonus, while not a serum, I'm loving the M-61 Power Cleanse to help with my breakouts.  I use this a few times a week, rotating in with other gentle cleansers. Again - never apply serums on dirty skin!  It's best when they are freshly washed (even still a little damp).

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Do you have any favorite serums that you use?

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