Chasing Davies: Travel with easily with Verizon!

April 11, 2018

Travel with easily with Verizon!

On Monday evening, I had so much fun attending a happy hour hosted by Verizon to show off some of the new (and really freaking awesome) gadgets that are going to make travel so much more fun (and memorable).  This is the perfect time for me to be exploring these new tech products, as I have a few awesome trips planned for the rest of the year, and I'm all about capturing those memories and finding easy ways to take my life with me when I'm on the road.

The event was hosted at The Monarch Bar on the west side of the Plaza - this space is so beautiful, and the back private room was especially cool, decorated with different textures of black. My friend, Tiffany of My So Called Vegetarian Life, and I were obsessed with their mint-cucumber cocktail, the Viceroy Revisited.

Some of my favorite highlights from the event:

 I totally want the Lifeprint 2x3 Portable Photo & Video Printer - a great way to print pics on the go (hello instant gratification). And I like this gadget over some other instant pics, because you can print from your favorite picture from your phone, after you've been able to edit accordingly, too.

A product that I actually got from the event, is the Google Clip. It's a hand-free camera that captures motion and still photos and sends them straight to your phone.  Great for adventure experiences or when you're looking to be handsfree!

Verizon also offers total mobile protection, so no matter where you are, if something goes wrong with your phone (like a cracked screen or stolen phone), you are covered with fast repairs and even phone replacement.  And I especially like the one-tap access to tech experts for everything else.

 This blog post is in partnership with Verizon Wireless, but all content are my own opinions!

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