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January 8, 2018

Photos from Christmastime


  Whew! Christmastime this year was such a whirlwind. We had numerous fun holiday parties, family gatherings, Christmas Eve & Christmas day in Omaha, family staying with us back at home, close friends in town and then a second Christmas celebration in Kansas City (thank goodness my company closes for the time between Xmas and New Years to allow extra time for all of that!).  It was a busy December for sure, so it's taken me a minute to get back into the swing of real life, schedules and normal bedtimes (😴 ).  

But I couldn't let the season totally escape without sharing way too many photos from those Christmas celebrations (Christmas and Christmas #2). So, yesterday as we put away the last of our holiday decor, I mustered the energy to pour through all these photos and had a hard time culling them down.

One of my most favorite things about Christmas Eve and Christmas in Omaha this year, was our sweet little niece. She was such a joy, and the kids all had so much fun with her. They played and played. We also got snow - which is what Christmas in Omaha is becoming known for - so spent a lot of the holiday outside sledding (and freezing). 

 {Greg's Dad, Greg, Liam and Nora all sledding down the multiple-decade old toboggan}

 One really cool thing we did was go to the Art of the Brick, an art exhibit by Nathan Sawaya who creates masterpieces out of Legos!  My sister-in-law found this and I'm so glad she did. Liam loves Legos, and it was great to get out and do something in the art field. The exhibit is coming to Kansas City in a couple of weeks, too, so if you are in the area - check it out!

 At the end of the exhibit, the kids got to write their name on a lego brick and contribute it to the Omaha logo.

 After the art adventure, we got to work making, decorating and eating cookies....

A tradition I have carried on from my own childhood to my children, is opening one gift on Christmas Eve. The last few years, those gifts have been Christmas jammies (Liam was enthusiastic about this gift... can't you tell?)! 

 And then we got to our other Christmas Eve traditions - Greg read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and Tim (Greg's brother) tracked Santa on the Santa tracker (which really helped hurry the kiddos off to bed!).

Christmas morning was filled with loads of wrapping paper, gifts and PJs. My favorite part was watching the kids get excited to GIVE gifts (almost as excited as receiving... gets better every year).  I had each of my kiddos pick out presents for each other and others this year (even more than last year) since they are at the age to really understand, and that helped get them excited to give. 

My sweet niece was so funny - she's at the age where opening was the most exciting thing. She 

 {Nora might have won for Liam's favorite gift! She was so excited to watch him open it and even more excited that he was loved it - Pokemon Cards}

 After all the gift opening, back out in the snow they went. I stayed inside/in the car this time (except to take a few pics), as it was even colder than the day before!  Liam was a trooper. He loves the snow so much, he didn't even feel the cold!

 {Another quadruple toboggan run}

By Christmas night all the kids were pretty tired (my niece fell asleep while eating - which was really cute/funny, and Nora took awhile to warm up again), but we had a nice dinner with some of my husbands extended family.

 The girls loved matching most of the holiday! And my sister-in-law and I had fun picking out their outfits leading up to the time together.   Their yellow velvet skirts HERE, and HERE is the kitty cat version of their sequin bunny shirts.

 After Omaha, we continued to have lots of friend and family time back home in Kansas City, as Greg's brother and his family came to stay with us. It was great having so much time with them.  After they headed back to sunny California, we had Christmas #2 with my parents (FaceTiming with my sister, too) over brunch followed by the kids playing with their new toys while I took an epic nap right on the couch.  Holidays are exhausting. ;)

  {My Dad is so  cute - he loves spending extra time picking out little gifts just from him, that he's thought of, for each of the kids. They both LOVED their papa gifts.}

 {Greg made two really awesome tables for the kids - one is a light up table and the other is a Lego table}

 They sure love their Mimi.

What a great holiday month/season/week! It's always a little sad when it's over - as my favorite part is really the few weeks leading up to Christmas, but it's nice to have a fresh new year to start new things.  Hope you all are still basking in the photo joys from your holiday season. :)

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