Chasing Davies: Saving Money on Gifts this Holiday!

November 22, 2017

Saving Money on Gifts this Holiday!

I hardly ever go into a physical stores anymore - and every holiday season, my ratio between online and in-store shopping skews more and more towards online.  Thankfully, most stores have a strong e-commerce options these days, but I do find going into stores - especially around the holiday season.  Going into the stores (even the mall, dear I even say it) has a special feeling.  I love all the holiday decor and taking my kids to physical locations to pick out presents for others.

This past weekend we were near the mall, so I headed into JCPenney with Nora to pick out some gifts from her for her brother and cousin.  At the same time, I was taking notes on things that caught her eye, and even saved enough money to pick myself up a new coat (that I swear I needed). I managed to save $56 dollars overall!  I was really surprised by the massive selection (including Legos, Disney's Frozen items, cute clothing, tons of coats, home items, etc - list goes on and on), and the great selection continues online, too (where I'm going for round two!).

To help shoppers realize how much more you can actually get at JCPenney, their hosting a new kind of  Holiday Challenge and it is on with the #JCPchallenge!  Instead of focusing on how much you spend on gifts this season (and it can really add up fast), JCPenny wants their shoppers to save money and come in under their holiday budget!  After we checked out with our new gifts, and coat for me, the JCPenney receipt showed how much we saved, which was instantly gratifying.

So, curious what Nora picked out?

For her brother - she went straight to the Lego section and picked him out a superhero Lego set that he's going to love.

For her cousin - she picked out a cute kitty cat purse.

For herself (her wish list) - she was LOVING the Frozen castle, which I will order tonight online (you're welcome Santa).

And I even managed to sneak in a few other things - like fun new leggings for her, some other toys and I bought this black jacket for me because I need a casual and quick throw on, and it's warm, but light weight!

 Tell me! How are you saving money this holiday season?? Make sure to use #JCPchallenge in your social posts to share.

This post is in partnership with JCPenney - all opinions are my own!

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