Chasing Davies: Happy Stranger Things, Season 2 Debut Day!

October 27, 2017

Happy Stranger Things, Season 2 Debut Day!


I was cleaning out and reorganizing Nora's closet the other day, and going through some of our dear friend's and my goddaughter's hand-me-downs to Nora when I stumbled upon this dress.  Right away, I show Greg, and joked Nora should be Eleven for Halloween.  

Obviously knowing Nora would never go for that (she's already firmly told me she is dressing up as Peppa Pig, plus has no idea who Eleven is, I decided to celebrate TODAY, the Netflix debut of Stranger Things, season two, with a little Nora nod to Eleven (I mean, she already has the right hair).

She thought it was fun to dress up, but mostly she was super excited to get a waffle. I just wish I had Eggo Waffles (at least the box!) on hand to really bring this look to life. ;)  Now, who is spending all weekend binge watching Stranger Things??

In case you need a last minute Halloween costumer, here is how to achieve Nora's Eleven look:

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