Chasing Davies: Travel Detox & Recovery

August 7, 2017

Travel Detox & Recovery

travel detox for face and wellbeing

Summer is all about travel for many - I've certainly been at it this summer, and I am often traveling throughout the year for work, too.  Typically I come home feeling way off - my skin is broken out, I feel dehydrated and dry and am not sleeping well/super tired.   I'm sharing a few of my current favorite tricks for feeling back to my self after a whirlwind of travel below!

Oil diffused for stress and acne

I've just recently gotten my first oil diffuser and started researching oils (and talking to those who've been using themselves).  Aroma Foundry sells a variety that are all bottled in the US, sourced from native habitats.  

They recommended Peppermint for recovering from travel.  Bottled in Washington because this state produces more mint than any other region in the entire world. Nicknamed "The Evergreen State", their peppermint oil smells fragrant and green in the nose - and I could smell it throughout my entire house after just one diffuse.

Peppermint helps manage stress and treats acne!  Lavender is on my list for the next oil to try, as it eases stress and helps you sleep!

To combat my usually extra oily skin after travel, I immediately turn to a clay mask - this Nip + Fab one always helps get my skin back in shape.  And if I have room in my bag, I try to bring it with me. Once a week is all I need for a full face mask, and it's great for spot treating problem areas more often, too.

It's the weirdest things - my skin. It's oily, but dehydrated at the same time. So while I'm regulating the oiliness with the mask, I turn to the Rodial Dragon's Blood line that is all about hydration. 

The gentle cleansing water leaves my skin clean, but still soft and not stripped like harsher face washes sometimes do.  And I love coming home to slather my skin in this night cream.

Sleeping with a humidifier while I travel helps me come home not as dry, but it's sometimes hard to travel with this, too. Additionally, coming home to my silk pillowcase is glorious on my hair!

Please share your post-travel detox secrets with me, I need them all!

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