Chasing Davies: Mamas & Minis Collective: Comfortable Summer Jumpsuits

July 18, 2017

Mamas & Minis Collective: Comfortable Summer Jumpsuits

Comfortable Summer Jumpsuits Rompers for Mama and Toddler 

I'm still not sure how I feel about one-pieces on me personally (I've seen other adult women look awesome in them)... mostly they just don't work on my body shape I don't think, but every once and awhile I find one that kind of works (like I love this fancier one I've worn for cocktail parties).  This one today is more about comfort and is the perfect weekend play attire. I love it because I can move all around without worry, and heck - I can sleep in it even because it's so comfortable. I also love that you can layer it to change up how it looks.

Nora has been living in rompers this summer. It's easy for me, too, because I don't have to worry about her matching her bottoms to her top (which they typically don't).  And she is free to be her wild self.  She wore this one throughout vacation, too. So easy to pack, throw on and go!

HOT summer weekends are all about comfort and ease these days.  We're in the hottest part of the summer here in Kansas City (high 90s!), and I just want loose and breezy (though all this black in the sun... ouch!).  You can see some pics of us below dancing (yes, that's what that is...) and the is my favorite part about being comfortable - freedom to move! :)

Our Outfit Details: MAMA - Jumpsuit (sold out - but similar), Black Shirt, Bag (via this shop, similar option here & more below) and Sunnies; NORA - Romper (similar) and Sunnies (gift - but similar)

Make sure to check out Carly to see a great red jumpsuit option, Sandy for her mama/mini romper & jumpsuit looks, and Laura is also rocking the jumpsuit/romper today!

Do you have a favorite jumpsuit style for you?

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