Chasing Davies: Snow Tubing at Snow Creek!

January 31, 2017

Snow Tubing at Snow Creek!


After weeks of Liam and Nora asking if it was going to snow, we gave up on the weather Gods and headed to the land of artificially produced snow on the largest hill in the Kansas City area - Snow Creek.  This ski and tubing area is located about 50 minutes north of us, so after spending the morning chasing kids with extra socks and digging out snow gear (since we hadn't had to get any of it out this season yet....), we headed to the mountain hill.  We explained what we were going to go do like sledding - and we had a really fun sledding experience last winter to anchor it, too.  Liam wasn't really up for it, but was going along with us (mainly because he wasn't allowed to stay home alone), but Nora was so excited.

Once we got there, at first site of the snow mound, Liam perked up (as I knew he would). Nora still seemed excited, but was becoming increasingly more cautious... We picked out our tubes, and headed up the conveyor belt to the top. The first time we went down, we all went together holding on to each other's tube handles. I was facing backwards and could look right at Nora - about 2.5 seconds after we started going down the hill, Nora's complacent (like totally whatever) face turned to terror. I saw it happen in slow motion, it seemed.

And I probably should laugh, but for some reason it was hilarious. She wasn't like totally beside herself, or anything, I should clarify. ;) It was quick (and safe!), and when we got to the bottom she wasn't crying, but quickly said she was done. We asked her to try again, now that she'd know what to expect and told her she could use the big tube (which she originally wanted). She agreed - kind of. And up we went again.

Liam on the other hand, LOVED IT. Screeched with delight all the way down.  For our second round, Greg and Nora went down together, and Liam and I went down together afterward.  Nora was fine going down this time, but promptly at the bottom she declared she was done.  Greg and I took turns going up and down with Liam for the next hour and a half.  He never wanted to go by himself, so I got to hear his laughs the whole time. It was fun! :)  

Yesterday, my mom was asking Liam and Nora bout tubing. Liam was saying how much he loved it and how fast he went! Nora said that she "only went twice because she likes to go slowly." I guess now I know. haha... She cracks me up.  Overall, we had a great time - and the kids got pizza afterward, so Nora was happy.

You can see a quick video from our adventure here!

{P.S. Nora's snowsuit was mine when I was a toddler!  It's getting to short for now, so we'll have to save it for the next generation after this season.  Both Liam and Nora's animal hats are from a pop up shop in NYC}

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