Chasing Davies: 10 New Duds for a New Year!

January 2, 2017

10 New Duds for a New Year!


New Year, New You! I'm starting out the year cleaning out my closet and mind - and starting fresh has never felt so good. Here are a few new fresh items for 2017 that I'm eying to help get me started!

1. Find new heights with new booties... these with a heel! I'm back, back in a "heel" - and a stacked heel is the only way to go!  I'm bootie boot obsessed, but all of mine have been shorter stacked heels, and these taller heeled booties spoke to me. They are on sale through tonight!

2. A grown up cami - one not overstretched, spandex cotton clinging to my body - but a nice, smooth and flowy cami to wear under any blazer and elevate any sweater cardi.

3. A fresh new everything bag - and one that goes with everything in the perfect nude color with strap options for any occasion/preference.

4. New runnings shoes - but ones you can also wear with your Athleisure look. I practically live in these Adidas ones that are amazing for working out in and oh-so-comfortable to all the other times, plus, love the sleek look!

5. Pretty in Pink - I got a light pink coat last year on a whim, and I get compliments where ever I go. It goes with everything (surprisingly) and make winter and the extra layers more fun! (Pint Coat Options: hereherehere and here)

6.   A spring dress you can wear now - layered over the right tights and under the right jacket, this pretty dress will have excited for spring while getting to wear it now!

7. Not always the most fun thing to buy - but way important, and can be more fun that you might think! This stripe sports bra will make getting in your work out clothes a bit more motivating!

8. Work Flats - A fun take on work shoes with these patent leather, tassel detailed loafers.  I bought these for myself as an early Christmas treat and have been wearing them non-stop (not even to work yet!).

9. Change up your pout! I'm a true believer in a red lip, but for a change - I've been drawn to this pinkish-red lipstick (best part is you can wear with any pink to red)!

10.  New jeans - If you are like me, you probably have a whole stack of jeans already - ones for different times of the month, different washes and styles and ones for different weights, even. But I'm ready to dramatically pair down my stack for one to two pairs of these that fit you no matter the time of month or plus/minus 5 lbs.

Shop the above here:

What's on your new year, new you wish list??

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