Chasing Davies: 10 Fashion Things to Get from Target Right Now!

January 24, 2017

10 Fashion Things to Get from Target Right Now!

One of my goals this new year is to not buy unnecessary things... to concentrate on quality over quantity. And while that is still very true, there has to be room for trendy and fun pieces to change up those quality staples. I find my go-to place for those to be ASOS and Target.  Both places have actually surprise me now and again with quality pieces, too (just for the record! quality doesn't always have to be pricey).  

1. We all know the sneaker trend isn't going anywhere soon (thank goodness!), and I'm sure we all have enough to sustain us through - but I've been seeing slides with pom-poms adorned, and loving them! These Target sneakers mix a longstanding trend with a fun twist, and affordable! 

2. I'm all about a purse-backpack... right now. I'm not sure how long this trend will last, but it's really great when you are traveling, with kids, or walking around for long periods of time. To keep from looking like a kid going to school, I'm looking for a sleek, leather style. And because I'm sure this won't be a bag I'll carry for more than several years, I'm loving this less expensive DV for Target one.

3.  I am hard on my workout clothes. I have a few leggings that are a bit more expensive, and they've lasted (the investment was worth it), but most of my workout pieces are from Target and Old Navy.  They last a good chunk of time without costing too much - and refreshing my workout gear gives me extra motivation. :)  I'm loving the ballet looking trend, like these ballet wrap leggings!

4. The lace-up look is one trend I am not sure how long will be around, but I'm totally digging it right now - so I'm definitely loving Target's lace-up sweatshirt, and it's price.  This is something I could see myself wearing to the gym, as well as on weekends.

5. It's already a proven fact that I love wearing stripes and there are not signs of that changing anytime soon. But, that also means I have a lot! I'm always looking to find updates styles or styles I don't already have to replace older or ill-fitting stripe pieces... This (on clearance) stripe tunic would be perfect over leggings, for instance (adding to cart now).

6.  I have lots of booties - and I wear booties almost exclusively in the Fall, Winter and most of Spring. I love them.  So I am ALWAYS looking for new, different and/or fresh styles to freshen up my selection. I love these embellished heel booties that could be great for a more dressed up occasion, but cook dressed down, too. 

7. You can have and get a ton of use out of a ton of jackets - they are the perfect layering pieces for Spring and Fall.  There are tons of different styles that can really change up a simple base outfit.  The bomber trend happening is super cool, and I love to layer over a more feminine top (like lace or silk) to counterbalance the sporty!  This Target bomber would make a great addition to your layering look.

8.  A dress to dress up or to dress down, a dress to wear to work, or church or to the park, even. And it's striped, so you know I love it.  A stripe dress for any occasion!

9.  I'm obsessed with this season's sweater cuff detail - the blossom around the cuff, adding a bit of volume! I have one and this neutral stripe pullover sweater one totally caught my eye.
10. Give me all the leopard sunnies. Seriously, your choice in sunglasses is a great place to have some fun!  I especially love leopard ones - and these are only $13! You can even afford to loose them on your next lake trip. ;)

What are YOU eying at Target right now??

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