Chasing Davies: Fall Beauty Tips from Beauty Brands!

October 12, 2016

Fall Beauty Tips from Beauty Brands!


A couple of weeks ago, I hosted my second Beauty Brands event (see the first event recap here!)- this time it was a class-styled event for a smaller group that got tickets ahead of time.  This was a really great way to learn about upcoming fall trends, but also efficient tricks and tips for getting your makeup done well and fast.

Curious the makeup trend for fall?  It's all about the no-makeup look with softer colors, the right amount of blending and the perfect build.  Let me explain...

 So, besides always getting ready with a group of people starting at you and a glass of wine on hand, there were a few tips I picked up that I could actually enhance my own 5 minute makeup routine with.  First, I'm ahead of the game - I already use the beautyblender that Beauty Brands recently started selling (yay!). But I wasn't doing it right.

Yes, there is a wrong way... the beautyblender is about layering and building your foundation on slowly.  AND, and - this is important - you want to start in the middle of your face, and not around the edges.  Maybe I was the only one making this mistake - but that's how to get a more uneven look between your face and neck.  

So, literally start building your foundation onto your forehead, down your nose, onto your cheeks and then a bit on your chin, blending with a dampened beautyblender in a tap and roll type motion.   They also have smaller ones (so cute!) that you can use for your under-eye and eye lid.

Another awesome learning - and a hallelujah moment - contouring is over (for now) and it's more about finding the natural areas of your face to highlight!  After you apply your foundation, under eye concealer and eye shadow, take your highlighting powder and start at your temple to create a "C" shape around your eye to the top of your cheek bone.

Then you can add some bronzer under your cheekbone, and then add blush in-between your highlighter and bronzer.  This allows for a more natural look that is more about highlighting your assets!

And perhaps the coolest thing. Never will I put my hair up the same way again.  We learned about the new InvisiBobble (shown below) that adds volume you your pony or bun, won't dent or crease your hair and doesn't snag or break your hair, either. It totally reminds me of a keychain from the 80s - but it's all I've been putting my hair up with since learning about it at Beauty Brands.

They come in many colors and a few different sizes. The InvisiBobble is stretchy, and if it gets too stretched out, you just put it under the warm blow dryer to get it back to normal!

{Outfit details: Denim Top, Jeans, Necklace}

Do you have any fall beauty tricks or tips of your own? Feel free to share in the comments below!

 Photos in this post taken by the uber talented and sweet Elizabeth of Elizabeth Ladean Photography.  She shoots portraits, engagements/weddings and lifestyle sessions all around Kansas City.  You can follow here on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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