Chasing Davies: 3 Inexpensive Dates (without needing a Babysitter)!

September 22, 2016

3 Inexpensive Dates (without needing a Babysitter)!


Getting a babysitter isn't something we do a ton. Thankfully, we have my family in town that helps out here and there, when we need. But most of the time, we like to spend time as a family while the kids are young.  But it's also super important to continue to date your spouse.   

During the weekdays, after the kids have gone to bed, I tend to be glued to my computer - finishing work, catching up on email and/or blogging.  I really like the nights where I do something for myself or marriage.  And a glass (or bottle) of wine always makes those moments even more special. The Seeker is a new-to-me wine brand that I'm loving. I was immediately gravitated to their cute labels and wine varieties, and then found myself loving the flavors and tastes just as much.

It's a goal of mine to spend more quality alone time with my husband (and drink more wine!), so I wanted to share a few of my ideas/recommendations for easy dates without needing a babysitter!

1. Wine + Chit Chat

...Uninterrupted chit chat and without electronics, that is!  Pro tip: leave the room you are typically in - like for us, we're usually lounging in our family room in front of the TV (me working on my laptop, and my husband surfing Twitter on his iPad) - and head to a different space (like for us, our kitchen seating area).  Just switching up your environment can make it feel like you're somewhere else!

My husband is more of a beer and whisky drinker, but we can definitely agree on a good bottle of red wine.  This The Seeker bottle of a Malbec was delicious.  Super smooth with a hint of spices.  You can read about each of their wines (including what to pair them with if you are enjoying with a meal or snack) on their site.

2. Lunch Time Picnic

Either during the weekend when the kids are napping/having quiet time, or during the week while the kids are at school/daycare/parents day out - taking a break from work.  Everyone has to eat, right?  My husband and I have met for lunch a few times, and it feels so guilt-free.

I think another fun idea would be to turn that daytime lunch into a picnic - packing your own lunch and drink (saves money, too) and finding a shaded grassy spot to relax.  If the day of the week is right (or your afternoon isn't too busy...), grab a bottle of wine to enjoy the moment further.  I toggle back and forth between red and white wine - but when I'm outside, and especially if it's still warm, I tend to go for white or rosé.  The Seeker offers many varieties of wines - including a rosé and Sauvignon Blanc (my personal fav).

3. Patio Games

Another after-the-kids-have-gone-to-bed idea, is to head outside to your patio or porch (as far as your baby monitor will reach) with a bottle of wine (my summer go-to, Sauvignon Blanc by The Seeker) and a game (like cards or this fun Who Am I? guessing game).  

You don't have to worry about laughing too loud and waking the kids up - or being distracted by the mess, TV or computer.  Taking time away from that stuff is something I struggle with. I need to do it more, and getting outside helps me feel more removed from it.  Plus, playing a game helps to have more fun without the pressure of having a deep conversation or something. ;)

What are YOUR favorite easy, guilt-free date ideas?

The Seeker is globally conscious, dedicated to leaving a small carbon footprint. They use lightweight glass, recycled and recyclable, locally-sourced packaging materials wherever possible and their winemakers are committed to sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery. Seeking quality, distinction, and value is an ever-changing adventure.  

Find out where you can buy The Seeker here!  If you are in the Kansas City area, they are sold in many places - so you are sure to find one near you!

This post was sponsored on behalf of The Seeker Wines via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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