Chasing Davies: Training for the Go Girl Run Race with my Kids!

July 22, 2016

Training for the Go Girl Run Race with my Kids!

I was on a role, working out consistently and running longer, more often before hitting the road for vacation a couple of weeks ago (remember my goal about getting back into running?).  Then coming back to catching up on life has me buried in email, laundry and numerous other to-dos that I've gotten a bit off track.  Sometimes I wonder if vacation is even worth it when you come back to even more stress from being out.

Getting back outside (or inside to the gym with the most current 100+ degree temps) to move is also key.  With my kids getting a bigger and older, I'm trying to incorporate some of my workouts into quality time spent with them.  So last week we set out on a family walk/jog/bike ride.  Liam and I kept going a bit longer, farther and faster - and I found it was a pretty good and entertaining workout!

I had to work really hard to keep up with him at times, and he thought it was pretty funny to go slow and then go super fast so he could pass me.  I used this run to break in my new New Balance running shoes - and I already love them.  They are super light weight, but support my slightly higher-than-average arch, plus - they're really cute (even my husband said so!).

I'm really excited to be one of the official ambassadors to this September's Go Girl Run race in the south KC area (at Prairiefire), and using these New Balance sneakers to get me there.  I'm signed up for the 5K - and this will be my first time with this particular race, but I've heard fantastic things about it.  I'm particularly excited about 

Register here!

I'm happy that I can also do some of my workouts and preparation jogs with my kids (sometimes as my motivation out in front of me!).  With young kids, a career and an overall busy schedule - getting creative in sneaking in healthy actives are key.

If you are interested in signing up for the Go Girl Run 5K or 1/2 Marathon and joining the awesome community of women walkers, joggers and runners out there - do so here!  And let me know if you'll be there! I'd love to look out for you and help keep each other going. :)

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