Chasing Davies: An Afternoon at the (Antioch) Park

April 6, 2016

An Afternoon at the (Antioch) Park

Kansas City has tons of parks - and we like to tour them all. Liam has his preferences, and we like to switch it up - experience something new!  Last weekend was BEAUTIFUL in Kansas City - really felt like spring.  We were running errands as a family, and Liam asked if we could go to the park that had the clock tower and jail. Hah!  It took me a second to figure out which one he was talking about, and then I remembered (it'd been since last summer since we'd been there last), Antioch Park!

This is the kind of park you go to spend a couple hours at least.  And it's unique, because it has a child-sized town of wooden Wild West styled buildings, including a jail (per Liam's memory, his favorite I assume). Adjoining this area are two playgrounds, one with more unique equipment - like a "spiderman net" (as Liam calls it) and hoops you can crawl through, etc.

Kansas City Antioch Park
Child Size Town for Play at KC Park
Fun in Kansas City for Toddlers

After peeling my kids away from the child-sized town and playground, we grabbed our new stroller from the car to go on a walk around the two ponds and to find the ducks!  We don't use a stroller a ton anymore, now that I have two walking toddlers, but after lots of playing and for those times I want to actually move, it's so nice to have a good one. This particular time both kids were fighting over who got to ride, haha - safe to say we wore them out at the park!  This Quinny Moodd stroller is awesome for new baby all the way to big kid (like mine!).

Antioch Park has two ponds, lots of bridges and walking paths.  You can actually fish (and throw back) in these ponds, which we want to do next time!  But this time, we (I) was out for a walk, the kids were hoping to see some ducks, and we planned to have a picnic snack in the shade.

Great Toddler Stroller

We were happy that there were ducks swimming about the big pond for us to get to take a break from our walk and watch!  Nora kept yelling for the ducky to "come here!"  She really wanted a closer look.  Greg explained that the ducks might not like the yelling, so Liam started singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to them.  We didn't have any bread (or left over snacks), but a nice little kid came over and shared a slice of bread with us, so Nora & Liam could feed the ducks.

What are some of your favorite things to do with little ones in the Spring/Summer?  And if you live in Kansas City - I'd love to know your favorite park!

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