Chasing Davies: Chasing Davies x Country Club Plaza: New Year, New Goals!

January 28, 2016

Chasing Davies x Country Club Plaza: New Year, New Goals!

No matter what your own New Year goals are - the Plaza has everything you need to help you reach or maintain them!  Personally, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what my New Year goals are... so more on those later.  I love how much the Plaza has to offer, no matter what your goals are or how healthy you are trying to be. Health doesn't mean you have to sit at home and avoid the world.

Here are a few thoughts to help continue strong into the New Year, because no matter what your specific 2016 New Year resolutions are, a new year brings a fresh start, calm after the Holiday craziness and a chance to reset.

{Athleta Group Class, Photo via @Athleta_KC}


The Plaza has two FREE sources to get your workout on. Both Lululemon and Athleta have free classes right in their store. I've attended both, and they're great!  They rotate gyms and teachers from all around the city, offering a great chance to try out new teachers/gyms, too.

Additionally, they both have running clubs - so if you love running with groups or need other's to help you get your going, this is a great community to run with!

Every Sunday, 11am - Yoga/Fitness class 
First Monday of every Month, 6pm - Run club meets

Saturdays, 8:45 – 9:45am - Yoga Class
Sundays, 11am – Noon - Bootcamp Class
Follow Athleta on Twitter for more info on the upcoming classes!

Versatile & New Exercise Clothes:

Nothing gets my butt to the gym faster than new exercise clothing!  But I also would never spend too much money on pieces that only had one reason worth using.  I love versatile clothing!  This cowl neck top is from lululemon, is SO so so soft and.... REVERSIBLE! On the flip side, it's all strip (like you see on the cowl neck).  It's the perfect piece to wear to and from the gym or during that outside workout, or just to wear - for like real.

I also love these lululemon pants because the herringbone print make them easy to transition to and from the gym.  For outside of workouts, I think these would look so cute under a longer-tunic type top and with booties!
You can also check out Athleta (see my picks in this past post, here!) and CorePower Yoga for great workout-into-real-life clothing pieces!

Eating/Drinking Out:

You can make small changes that create mighty impacts.  One little thing I'm already doing is switching up how I drink my coffee. I love a latte - and I'm working on drinking only 3 a week vs. every day.  And instead of any syrups or other added calories besides nonfat milk, I have a bit of honey and cinnamon added in during the making of the latter (like when they'd mix in the syrup).  It's so much better than added it to the top after the drink is made, and adds all natural sweetness to your latte (if you like it that way).  I love Kaldi's on the Plaza for custom drinks and a cute little cafe, to boot!

My favorite restaurants for healthy choices: 
T.Loft - everything! Their smoothies, protein balls and meal bowls!
Season's 52 - A ton of lighter options & even small desserts to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.
Kaldi's Coffee - great (semi) local place for tea and coffee
Starbucks - try their reduced-fat turkey breakfast sandwich
Classic Cup - one of my favorite brunch spots, ask for egg whites! 
Kona Grill and McCormick and Schmick's for fish!

 The Latest & Greatest Plaza News:
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Give yourself a new do' with an early bird price at Parlor: A Beauty Bar.  Get a $25 blowout between 9am and noon on Monday through Wednesdays.
For more workout options: Check out CorePower Yoga

For more news, follow the Plaza on Facebook and check out their January Newsletter for sales and deals!  And you can check out all my past Plaza posts right here.

Big shout out to photographer, Hananiah Aldrich of Niah Rose Photography! You have to check out her amazing Insta feed right here!

This post is in partnership with the Country Club Plaza, but all opinions and topics discussed are my own! 
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