Chasing Davies: Watch Your Favorite Shows Without Cable or even a TV!

December 1, 2015

Watch Your Favorite Shows Without Cable or even a TV!

I have internet and cable - but if I had to chose between them, it'd be internet hands down.  And these days, you can do anything and more online that with cable alone, including watch TV!  And in fact, nowadays, your TV is smarter than they used to be - using your internet's connection to do so much more than cable alone can provide. Like pull up your favorite shows - no matter when they aired!

These days, I'm sneaking away for some mama alone time to catch up on my favorite show, The Voice!  This show has some seriously amazing talent - and I love watching each episode's challenge, performances and guest coaches!  This is also the kind of show that you can jump in on and start watching at anytime thanks to NBC TVE and their deep library of full episodes!  

So, grab your laptop, head to your desktop or pull up on your smart TV - and watch now!

What's your favorite show - and do you watch TV online yet?

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