Chasing Davies: SuperKind for Kids! + a Giveaway!

November 3, 2015

SuperKind for Kids! + a Giveaway!

One of my biggest parental fears as my kiddos start getting older is that they might be subject to mean kids, or maybe even worse (?), they might be those mean kids.  As parents, we are always so concerned with teaching our children to read, speak, write - but I also want mine to grow up learning compassion, warmth and confidence. I just love, love, love this program for kids to encourage random acts of kindness, call SuperKind.

It's customized to include your child's photo on stickers and passalong cards.  It also comes with a board, that when kids complete different acts of kindness as outlined, they can populate it with their custom stickers, turning it into a certificate of achievement! Plus, as the name implies - it's all about being a Superhero in real life! I know my Liam loves Superheroes - so getting to see his face on Superhero figures was super exciting for him. 

You can be among the first to get your child a customized SuperKind set and get it at a discount by supporting their Kickstarter program right here! And together, maybe we can instill kindness in every child from a young age on! In honor of their Kickstarter program going live, there is a HUGE giveaway for $500 bucks (via Amazon or PayPal, winner's choice)!

{P.S. Liam outfit are pieces from FabKids - one of our favorite places for kid's clothing - and Liam especially loves these "comfy" pants!}

This SuperKind set was supplied to us, but all opinions are my own!

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