Chasing Davies: Hair Recovery with Living Proof

November 6, 2015

Hair Recovery with Living Proof

I'm in, what I like to call, hair-transition. I'm trying to grow it out, so it's lacking any shape or style and I'm trying to heal the split ends and dry, damaged strands, so using less heat.  So, I have also been trying different products to see what might do the trick - I feel like I have so many hair issues, I don't even know what to concentrate on.  There are so many products out there for one specific thing (like frizz!), but I have several concerns (frizz being just one of them!).

So, I was really excited to try out Living Proof's product selector tool that helped guide me to the products I most needed, and then also help me purchase a complete hair care system that answers all my hair concerns! I might have done the quick quiz-like program several times just to see different options for different needs - they have lots of great options for all kinds of hair issues!

Want to know what I ended up with?

Well, I'm most excited about the Restore Mask Treatment that is for dry and/or damaged hair (ding, ding, ding).  It smells really good and after one use, my hair felt softer!  I'm excited to keep using it and see how it can help me further through this hair-transition of mine.

I also got the No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.

Perfect hair Day Nightcap and Dry Shampoo.  

I'm am now a new user of Living Proof, which is co-owned by Jennifer Aniston (and her hair always looks dang-good).  I love that they don't use conventional materials to coat your hair - like silicone and oils, but their own, developed and patented molecules.  Their system creates an invisible and thin layer around each strand - which allows your hair to become healthier over time. You can read all about their science here.

I don't even have to forgo my hair-routine while I'm traveling, which has been too much lately - and where I think some of my current hair issues have come from.  I picked up Living Proof's No Frizz Travel Kit and got it just in time for last week's work trip. 

And here's how my hair is looking after only a few weeks!

I can already seen a reduction in broken hairs that stand up off my head.  Like 85% less! And my ends are looking less frayed. I'm excited about the progress already.

{Outfit Details: Cardigan, PantBooties}

I'm only a couple weeks in to using these new Living Proof products, but I'm already feeling my hair respond!  It's definitely less frizzier,  but it also doesn't feel as dry and looks a ton smoother!

This post is in partnership with Living Proof, but all opinions are my own - and I'm so excited to share this hair-transforming product with you guys!

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