Chasing Davies: Gift Guide: For Every Girl on your List!!

November 19, 2015

Gift Guide: For Every Girl on your List!!

Gift ideas for every girl on your list

Every year I say, "I'm going to get my gift shopping done early!"  "I'm going to get it done, spend more time wrapping/decorating, send it off in the mail before the lines grow out the door and have more time to relax before Christmas!"  It hardly ever happens, and mainly the blame is because I'm just not sure yet what to get those loved ones on my list!  But this year, I'm growing wiser and wiser,  and I have a few ideas up my sleeve, so I'm sharing with you:

Gift ideas for EVERY girl on your list 
Whether that be your mama, your sister, your bff, your co-worker, your boss, your cousin... you get the point. Any adult lady in your life.

Simple Gold Bangle - she can layer this with things she already owns, wear it alone and it's sure to go with any style and any outfit!

Mascara - but not just any mascara, BareMineral's Double Domination for a 10 in 1 product. And what girl doesn't LOVE mascara?!?! (P.S. You can see me on SnapChat try this product out - but hurry, you only have 24 hours!  Username: ChasingDavies)

The Perfect Stripe Tee - you can't have too many of these and everyone can wear stripes, easy peasy!

Instant Smart Phone Photo Printer - because you know she has some major good photos just hiding on her phone!

Oversize Plaid Scarf - that popular Zara-like plaid scarf, but personalized with a monogram to add in that special touch!

Nail Art for Beginners - most girls you know like to have their nails painted, at least sometimes, right?!  Help her up her game with this nail art for beginners set!

Gold, Quality-Made Earrings - with several styles, you can easily find one that matches your receiver's style, and give them the gift of classic quality. Seriously - I wear the jetway earrings 90% of the time (even in the shower and to bed)!

Red Lipstick - Ok, this might not be on everyone's wish list, but it should be, and sometimes it takes a friend to give the gift of the perfect pop that it just takes experimenting with until you get used to it!

Shop these gifts (and a few extras):

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