Chasing Davies: Building Together with Sprout by HP & 3D Scanning

September 25, 2015

Building Together with Sprout by HP & 3D Scanning

Over the last few weeks, most nights, we've had a blast spending time together as a family experimenting with the latest addition to the already innovative and one-of-a-kind Sprout by HP. Liam has especially been blown away - and I can't help to think how cool it is for him to grow up in such a technologically-advanced environment. With our Sprout, he can really see his imagination come to life, and I hope that helps him keep it as he ages.

Besides being able to use the Sprout for all those regular PC needs, it's the world's first immersive computer that allows you to be hands-on with your content.  And now the Sprout has a fully-integrated desktop 3D scanner which allows you to take objects from the real world, manipulate them in the digital world, and bring them to life in the physical space.  If you're curious about what YOU could do with the Sprout and it's 3D capabilities - check out their creator gallery here for ideas + stick around my channels for more updates. 

I have a few ideas for using the desktop 3D scanner and 3D printer to help add to my family room decor update and my jewelry organizing needs.  My friends want to scan their pets (not recommended by the way...). Liam wants to "make games" (we're still trying to understand what those are - so maybe we'll have a new game invention soon!). And my husband is excited to use the functionality to fix an outdoor patio chair by recreating a part we can't find a replacement for. I know, that last one sounds exciting, but it just goes to show you the range this product can offer - from family fun, to home decor and organization help to practical needs, too.

Oh, and in case you think using the Sprout by HP & 3D Dremel Idea Builder (printer) sounds hard... here's a little video on how I taught my 3 year old how to use it:

This post was sponsored by Sprout by HP.  You can learn more about the Sprout here and find a retailer near you here!
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