Chasing Davies: 6 Hours in Brooklyn, NY

August 24, 2015

6 Hours in Brooklyn, NY

WhenI was in Washington D.C. a week ago, my friend Katie and I took the train up to New York for one night. We split our time between Brooklyn and Manhattan - and took to the streets to see, try and consume as much as possible!  My favorite thing about traveling, is experiencing other local places, finding unique sights and feeling like I'm really somewhere else. And Katie might be one of my favorite people to travel with ever - as she is always up for anything.

We took the East River Ferry from the South Street Seaport in Manhattan and rode the uptown route to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  And then we set off to make the most of our afternoon into evening there.  The first thing we saw was this giant yellow wall with OK and this cheery graffiti was the opening to what was to come.

See below to see some of my favorite places and things we did in Brooklyn for the short time we were there!

{Outfit Details: Me - Cage sleeve dress; Necklace, Birks; Katie - Skirt by Theory, Bag, also wearing white Birks}

^^The BierHalle was awesome - it was a super friendly and communal space, great for meeting new friends and the outdoor/indoor setting was perfect for summer days!

But perhaps one of the coolest places we stumbled upon all day was the Brooklyn Art Library, which created the Sketch Book project.  So first, anyone can have their works (a sketch book all their own) archived in a real live gallery that connect people on a global basis.  It features and houses over 33 thousand sketch books from 135+ countries. You can come in an check out a sketch book, you can purchase sketch books and you can participate by doing your own!

And my favorite spot to grab a drink by far that day: a roof top with teepees and strung lights. The Gorbals had a great view of Brooklyn and the sunset, fabulous drinks (I had an amazing spiked slushy) and the most unique table settings. I could have spent the rest of our trip in that teepee table...

After shopping along Bedford Ave (Williamsburg Brooklyn's main drag) and full of local shops and unique finds and gifts, we headed to dinner. And long, wonderful dinner outside in the courtyard of Extra Fancy.  This is an amazing foodie location with extra special drinks... like their signature "Fancy" topped drinks.  

The meal and side dishes and appetizers were equally to die for. I can't tell you how much I loved this place for all food, drinks and ambiance. Three Thumbs Up!!! (our of 2, so you know it's good!)

After such an amazing day literally walking all over Williamsburg, with stops for exploring, eats and sips, we grabbed a cap (or Uber - I can't remember) back to Manhattan where we were staying. We got home around 10:30pm and slept like rocks. Thank you, Brooklyn, for such a wonderful day!

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