Chasing Davies: How to fit in workouts, at work!

July 8, 2015

How to fit in workouts, at work!

My most favorite time of the day to work out is over lunch. It’s been this way since even before having kids, but now this is about the only chance I have to work out. However, I have a full time, very busy job and I don’t always have time to take a lunch break (usually cramming something quick down between meetings or whilst responding to emails). My goal is to try to get away from my desk two times a week to fit in a workout, like yoga, a walk, a jog or even a swim!  To help me make it to that class or take the time, I book that hour over lunch on my calendar. It helps me keep accountable.

My co-workers think it’s crazy I can quickly go from workout and then back to office without looking completely undone (well, maybe not the case after a swim workout). I owe this to a quick and streamlined process to getting cleaned up after a sweat session and packing up my gym bag with everything I’ll need the night before (and even putting it in my car as to not forget it in the crazy morning hustle).  The number one thing in my gym bag: AVEENO®POSITIVELY RADIANT® MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES (they also remove sweat!) – which I use to quickly clean off my face and wipe down other sweaty areas.

Here is a peek into what I pack in my gym bag:

My backpack, multi-purpose gym bag – this one has lots of pockets for different workout accessories, water bottle, sprucing up essentials and your extra clothing (like don’t forget extra undies!). I like the backpack version, so you can wear easier while on a bike or while carrying your various other bags, too.

My bag has wet/dry compartments – but if you want to turn any old bag into a swim bag or have a safer place to stuff your sweaty clothing – use this wet/dry bag set (great for traveling, too).

Compact absorbent and fast drying towel – for a post-swim, after a shower, or to wipe the sweat away during a hard workout (and doesn't take up a lot of space).

In addition to the AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES,  I also bring travel or sample sized make-up and deodorant to help bring me back to work (I only shower if I’ve swam).  For my hair, I typically plan my hairdo around my workout (so up or back), only smoothing any new fly-aways or frizzies with a mini straightener if it really necessary.

Dry shampoo has also saved me on occasion when I’ve had a really sweaty workout, and I always give a spritz of body mist before heading back to work!

If you can’t get away to go to the gym during your workday – try this resistant band kit to tone right at your desk and sit on a big ball!


What are your gym bag must-haves and tricks to pulling off a midday workout?

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