Chasing Davies: Mother's Day Gift & Packaging Ideas

May 1, 2015

Mother's Day Gift & Packaging Ideas

I really am not a fan of extra, unnecessary and wasteful things... like gift bags and even wrapping paper (and often times, cards!).  Which I know sounds so bah-humbug of me, and I try to like decorating packages and such, but at the end of the day it tends to all just end up in the trash or recycle.  So, in an effort to minimize waste and simplify all around, I wanted to share a gift idea and way to package it up for Mother's Day (or any sort of gift-giving holiday, really).

For this gift, I gathered some things that I love, and know make good gifts for many mamas out there (including my own!).  I used one of the gifting items, a beautiful blanket to turn into the gift bag or basket. I simply kept it all together with some twine tied around, and the end results was a pretty gift, all totally usable!

Wine | Sink SetLotion | Lip Moisturizing Duo | Blanket

1. Every good gift starts with a good bottle of wine, right?  I like to splurge from my favorite $11 dollar bottle to a slightly richer wine for gifts and special occasions. 

2. I chose the Sink Set in Eucalyptus because I love that scent, and it comes with a stainless steel caddy, perfect for gift giving!  Plus, it's the kind of fragrance men and women can both enjoy! It was from my mom who introduced these sink sets to me, as she typically has these at her own home. I love having the lotion next to the soap to actually remember to use it after you wash your hands.

3.  Lip products are an awesome gift for most women - and this is a duo that works together to exfoliate the skin and then add a gloss, all with nourishing ingredients. Thymes ingredients are drawn from nature, their unique formulations are artfully crafted to create products that are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly and effective.

4.  I've really come to love anything that smells good and can be easily placed around the house. I practically collect lotion, and the best way I remember to use it (besides placing it next to the soap by the sink a la the sink caddy) is to place it my my bed.  At night, I'll actually put it on and the fragrance is what I fall asleep smelling!  Thymes is known for creating one-of-a-kind fragrances, and I love the spring-time feel of the Tupelo Lemongrass scent.

5. I used a Happy Habitat blanket that is as comfy as it is a beautiful art piece.  These throws are simply unique and unlike any other brand in fresh designs and colors that would make a great gift (and, tied with some twine, a great gift bag, too)!

Not sure what fragrance is for you, or how to even choose?  For a limited time, Thymes is offering a free studio sample kit (at set of 15 fragrances) with any purchase of $25 or more.  Just click here for the offer to be automatically applied (and use code MOMSDAY15 if for some reason it doesn't work).

I'd love to know some of YOUR favorite gifts to get your mamas!  Share in the comments below if you wish.

This post was in partnership with Thymes, though my new love for their amazing fragrances is completely true. 

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