Chasing Davies: 6 Pairs of Shoes for Puffy Toddler Feet!

May 14, 2015

6 Pairs of Shoes for Puffy Toddler Feet!

Both my littles have had puffy feet from the age of 9 (ish) months to about 2.5 years old (in Liam's case). So we are in puffy-feet territory with Nora right now, and it makes finding shoes that fit and that we can easily slip on her a challenge!  And when it comes to footwear, we are all about ease and quickness. We do not have time to struggle, maneuver and wedge her shoes on + plus, that can't be comfortable for her! 

So, I'm sharing a few pairs of shoes and styles that have worked for both my kids. Oh, and I think they're pretty cute, too!  If you have any pairs of shoes that you have found worked well for you and your toddler's puffy feet, please share in the comments below!

1. We have loved moccasins* for both babes - they are so easily to stretch on over any width of foot, and the soft leather is great for forming your little babes foot muscles. 

2. These sweet white sandals will be perfect for summer, and they have an adjustable strap (key word when reading the details on shoe descriptions) which help fit Nora's puffy feet.

3.  Thank goodness for Tiny-Tom's* velcro opening to more easily slip those snowballs into.  But word of the wise - Tom's runs SMALL! At least a whole size small.

4.  Two-strap Saltwater sandals* are adjustable in both areas and have a lot of free space for that little foot to puff free! Liam wore these a ton, and now I need to fish these out for Nora!

5.  Our favorite sneakers for Liam's 3.5 years has been Nike's with an upper velcro strap* (vs. only shoe laces).  This makes it way faster to slip on shoes, too! (Liam is currently wearing these ones.)

6.  Blast from the past, and my own childhood... Jellys!  These velco-strap sandals also have a bit of give throughout for various sizes of feet puff. 

*For both boys and girls (different colors and patterns available)

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