Chasing Davies: Transitional Pieces to Wear for Spring

March 13, 2015

Transitional Pieces to Wear for Spring

It's that most wonderful time of year... when the weather is warming, the sun is out later and the days are getting longer!  It just makes me want to pack up my sweaters and wools and swing towards the sundresses! I'm restraining myself, because these glorious 60-degree days do still have a chill in the air, just not one that requires a coat.  So, what to wear?

1. Cropped/ankle jeans! You can wear this all year long - from boots to sandals, and these AG Cigarette jeans are ON SALE.

2. Midi Dresses/Skirts are so versatile and appropriate for any situation (like work, church, etc). I love the knee and just below length and the ones that move when you walk, light and airy!

3. Gold jewelry all year long!  So easy, simple and catches the eye.

4. Shoe-Booties are the perfect cross between a boot and a sandal. With the extra material and structure, you can start stomping around in these open-toe booties now and still justify the pedicure!

5. Vests make the perfect layering piece to add to any outfit or in lieu of a jacket. I am especially loving the longer lengths, which would add extra warmth when needed and draw the eye down.

6. Bright drawstring pants are not just comfy, but come in the coolest prints to get you out of your winter neutrals and ready for summer while still maintaining some coverage.

7. Slip-on sneakers! I can't rave about these enough... they are so easy and versatile, pairing great with pants to skirts, from season to season.

8. Jumpsuits are the perfect in-between weather piece of clothing. I own one that I was able to dress up a jumpsuit with a warm jacket for winter, but its light and airy fabric keeps it wearable through Spring and early Summer.  I actually plan to pack mine for the beach!

I'd love to hear from you - what versatile, in-between weather pieces are you wearing?

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