Chasing Davies: Spring 2015 Kansas City Fashion Week Highlights

March 25, 2015

Spring 2015 Kansas City Fashion Week Highlights

Well, it actually happens twice a year and it's a 3-day event packed with awesome shows from local designers to Project Runway contestants!  But regardless, this past weekend was a pretty fun time to be in Kansas City if you love fashion, because KC Fashion Week does a great job.  I missed most of this year, since I was galavanting around San Juan, but after landing at 3:30am Saturday morning, hugging my kids all day, I was able to squeeze in not just the final show, but the Ulta pre-event for the KCFW bloggers, too!  It was a super fun night!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite looks from last Saturday night's show - some really good stuff!  The last night is always my favorite, as I feel like no one holds back, and this season was no different. See what I mean...

 Besides the sunglasses that all the models wore, this season Architexture shared fall looks rich in burgundy and navy.  I love burgundy for Fall, and the collars on the jackets were perfection. I could totally go for a pair of those sunglasses, too...

Kate Walz continues to surprise me! When I first started attending KCFW several years ago, I remember Kate's prom and event-perfect dresses! They were detailed and fabulous. But more astounding was her age - a teenager creating these design-perfect ballgowns!  Over the years (through many KCFW shows and an Omaha one in there), I've seen her mature, evolve and experiment - and it's been fun!  This season was no different!

House of Cochon might have been my favorite show of the night! Courtney is the owner and designer behind this jewelry and accessories company, and I was all about her wooden pieces and awesome styling.  Her brightly painted wooden bangles and necklaces popped against  the navy backdrops of each models' outfit and the neon accents had me jones-ing for summer!

Switching gears a bit, from summer-perfect jewelry to cocktail or special event-ready with Whitney Rorah Design.  Her entire show was breathtaking and for the next black-tie event I have, I'm totally begging her to borrow one of these dresses.

And the final show of the night and this season was by Project Runway alum, Laura Kathleen!  She showed last season, too, and now the two times I've seen her, she has not disappointed!  My only disappointment lies in that I did not have that gorgeous white maxi dress on my San Juan trip!  The rest of the collection was a lovely mix of whimsy and structure, and honestly, it was filled with pieces that could go from spring into fall!

And there you have it - my favorite parts of KCFW (the part I saw), which ended up being quite a bit! If you are a designer or model - feel free to share this post!  For photos, please contact me via email!

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