Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: How to Wear Plaid After the Holidays

February 19, 2015

Favorite Wears: How to Wear Plaid After the Holidays

If you've read my blog for even just a couple weeks, you've probably picked up that I love mixing patterns. One of those go-to patterns is almost always leopard (the other is stripes, and you can see that combo here).  After the holidays, I tend to hang up most my plaid for the year. It feels hard to style for a non-holiday, on the verge of spring (hah!) look with certain plaid prints.  But I love these pants (wore a similar pair for... you guessed it, a holiday event here) and they are super comfortable, so I wanted to get more wear out of them. I challenged myself to style them in a casual-cool way and increase their versatility.

Paired with an oversized denim shirt and mixed with a splash of leopard (and I think the sneaker aspect helps keep this look super casual), I think these pants looked totally casual and mainstream. I mean, no one started singing Jingle Bells around me as we ran errands... Well, except Liam, but he hasn't stopped singing Christmas tunes since the Holidays.   

And the hat - well, I'm trying to stretch out the number of days I go between hair washes. I've already done this over the last four years to get from every other day to about every 4 to 5, but I want to get to every 6-7 now!  It takes some bad hair days to let your scalp get used to it, but it works! And in turn, I hope my hair will grow longer and stay stronger.  I'll let you know.  In the meantime, hats.

{Outfit Details: Shirt, Pants (so many prints/colors to choose from!), Sneakers, Bag c/o, Hat - old from Target (this one is cute!), Bracelet for Fitbit,  Lipstick}

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