Chasing Davies: 4 Smell-Good Cures for the Common Cabin Fever!

February 25, 2015

4 Smell-Good Cures for the Common Cabin Fever!

Thank you P&G Unstopables for sponsoring this post. With Unstopables you can create your own luxurious scent d├ęcor by styling your environment and your wardrobe with sophisticated fragrances reflective of your signature style.

It's that time of year when huddling inside, cozied up by the fireplace and sipping on hot cocoa is SO LAST MONTH! Over it.  I'm ready to whip open my windows, let the fresh air revive my home and get outside to play, jog, walk (anything) in the sunshine. And the bad news is, we still have a few more weeks (a month?) of this... depending on where you live of course.

I've partnered with P&G Unstopables to bring you 4 ways to get out of that 'Cabin Fever' rut and through the next few, cold weeks!  Unstopables is a collection of air, home and fabric products with breakthrough technology for longer lasting scents that will elevate your everyday! Iconic fragrance developer, Carlos Huber says that "scent tells a story in a language all of it's own." 

He also says that "when selecting the details to create the atmosphere of a beautiful room, it's very important to consider how scents will contribute."  We can create our own spring inside our homes with just a few products in the scent(s) that evoke happy, summer memories, just as that beach-vacation photo can do!  Here are four ways I'm making my own spring:

1. So, to get me through these last few weeks, and because I can't open my windows to get out the winter musk, I'm using P&G Unstopables Air Refresher (my favorite is the "Fresh" scent) to help me freshen up the smell of my home (and Nora's room, especially... because diapers). This probably smells even better than fresh air anyways!

2.  Wash all your bedsheets and towels. Ok, hopefully you do this on a semi-regularly basis (for me, emphasis on the semi...), but there is nothing better than climbing into a bed of freshly laundered sheets or out of the shower to wrap yourself in a perfectly clean towel.  Even better, washing those linens with Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster to increase the smell-good factor.

3.  Open all the blinds at the sunniest part of the day, or when the sun hits your home or a room just right. Soak in the light with a warm throw sprayed with Unstopables' Fabric Refresher and favorite reads (maybe a beach read?!).

4. And when you are working your tush off, don't forget to freshen the air your breathin' then, too! I love having candles by my bedside, in the bathroom around my living spaces - but I forget about my desk and office space!  So, I put the Unstopable Fresh scented candle to the test and am lovin' it!
How are you curing your cabin fever this winter?

This is a great place to start...

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