Chasing Davies: Three ways to save this Holiday season!

December 9, 2014

Three ways to save this Holiday season!

how to save money during the holiday season
The holidays are great, aren't they?  Full of get togethers with friends and family you don't always get see, dressing up, pretty lights, shopping for the perfect gifts and getting fun surprises from loved ones.  How can we not all love it?! But it can be draining in a lot of ways, especially on your wallet!  I've teamed up with to bring you three ways you can save and help you concentrate on all the fun this season can bring with less worry.
Here are a few things I do, and truth be told, need to do more of:
1. Make a list.
Write down everyone on your gift shopping list with ideas or places you want to shop for each of them.  This helps keep you focused on what you really want to gift them and not get caught up in all sales and deals of things you don't actually want (or they don't!).  
Additionally, this lets you see where there is overlap!  For example, (sans real names since this is a real situation) my person A on my list wanted a item from store A, while person D on my list also wanted something from store A. I was able to see this crossover and buy at the same time during a special promotion for free shipping when spending enough! And wah-la! Two gifts, no shipping and knocked out at once.
2.  Take advantage of sales.
Really, their is a reason Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the newer, Green Monday are around - people shop these limited sales. But don't fret that they've already past. Some of yesterday's Green Monday sales are still going around today (see my top picks here) and other retailers are still offering different sales as Christmas approaches. I also find that the day after Christmas is filled with pretty great discounts!
3. Utilize coupons & discount codes to further the savings.
This goes outside of those specific days (like Cyber Monday), but all year around.  You can use sites like to find printable coupons or discount codes to save money of every order. And right now, is having an awesome giveaway: The Good Stuff 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes.

Now through December 25th, they are giving away $100 Amazon gift cards per week with a grand prize of $500! Also featured, to help you finish all your holiday gift shopping, are gift guides that won't break the banks, geared towards hostesses and specific gifts for all those different enthusiasts on your list.

This post was brought to you in partnership with, but all opinions are my own!

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