Chasing Davies: Happy 3rd Birthday, Liam!

December 13, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Liam!

Three years old. How did that happen so fast?! Liam, you are a just a ray of sunlight in our life and a constant source of laugher. Always surprising us with what you'll say, a face you'll make or idea you'll come up with. You keep us on our tippy toes with your creativity and interests. You are up to try anything and then quickly know what you like.  You are decisive like me, and the best procrastinator I've ever met when it comes to doing things that aren't as exciting (like bedtime).  I'm super impressed with your negotiating and debating skills at this young age (and slightly worried of our future ability to keep some control).

Nora LOVES you so much. Just having you in the same room entertains her. She thinks you are just the coolest. We do, too, of course. Your hair for one, you get comments on what great hair you have everywhere we go.  Your cool new Nikes that Papa got you, those are pretty cool, too, and you won't let me put you in any other shoes.  And I love that you will rock your fight fighter outfit anywhere and everywhere you go.

Looking back at photos from your last 3 years brings back so many great memories. It's hard to believe how much you've grown. I think it was over night that your 2T pants turned into capris, and some of your 3Ts are getting short already, too!  You are so tall (90%!), and strong! You already kick the soccer ball better than me, and you make Daddy bring out his best game. I think you're going to keep him young with all this ball playing (baseball, soccer, basketball...).

We love you SO much. I'm so thankful for you everyday. I hope you know how much we love you, how funny and sweet you are, and what a great little boy you are. Three years old.  Man that went fast.

Happy birthday Liam!

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