Chasing Davies: Three ways I'm revamping my workout routine

October 27, 2014

Three ways I'm revamping my workout routine

I've been in a major workout drought the last year, but even over the last few year (since my kiddos have come).  As a working mama, I struggle to find time or energy to fit it in, but the last few months I've been really working on revamping this important aspect of life.  Some weeks are better than others, but I've found if I can get a little creative, I have a better chance at it. 

 Here are three things I'm doing to help me get in a work out a few times a week:

1. Schedule it!  I live and breathe by my calendar (shared family and work calendars guide my days, I even have a content calendar for this blog!), so at the beginning of the week, if I can schedule in my workouts (over lunch or after work), I'm 75% (estimated figure) more likely to actually do it.  That, and people are less likely to schedule meetings over that time.  

There is always work that can be done, stuff I should be doing, but I should be working out, too.  So, I remind myself, that actually taking a lunch break to do something healthy is actually really beneficial for my overall well-being and work quality.

2. Versatile clothing.  This is a must for making your dollars, that you spend on such clothing, work harder, but also key to slipping in and out of that workout when you don't have a lot of buffer time before/after workouts!  This is huge for me, and lucy activewear has great pieces that I can layer with work and lifestyle clothing to make a more appropriate outfit for pre or post workouts, but easily transitional. 

But, their clothing is also built for performance, so you can count on getting a good workout in without worrying about your clothing.  Nothing is worse than having to constantly tug and pull clothing back into place during your workout.  I am pretty much obsessed with lucy's Perfect Core Pant, which stays put, and as the name alludes, holds in your core, too, so you feel confident!

3. Lunchtime workout.  This isn't for everyone - but let me share with you why it's my favorite time to work out! With little kids, it's all hands on deck getting everyone ready for work and school that morning workouts are hard.  By the time the babies go to sleep at night, it's too late to get a work out in and my only time to get stuff done (blog, work, home chores, etc) and that tends to be a lot, so by the time I do go to bed, it's late, making a super early workout impossible for me (night owl here).

My career can be high stress, super busy and taxing (but also super creative, versatile and fun). I find when I can get away for a lunchtime workout; my afternoons are actually way more productive. I feel like I am calmer and can focus more. I love that feeling.  So, in addition to scheduling these workouts into my calendar, I've found several nearby options that I can quickly get too.  

Lately, I have been doing a combination of Bar Method (West Plaza location) and Yoga (Maya and at Woodside) over my lunches a couple times a week.  Each are a great workout that don't leave me super sweaty, so I can get back to work looking decent.  But if you don't work near a workout location, you could always go on a walk or walk/jog, which I hope to fold into my schedule while the weather is still nice.

{Outfit details: Yoga Girl Pullover, Feel the Beat Tank & Perfect-Core Pants all c/o lucy activewear}

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This post was sponsored by lucy through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about lucy, all opinions are my own.

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