Chasing Davies: Creating sharable scenes with all those photos in your phone!

September 19, 2014

Creating sharable scenes with all those photos in your phone!

Is this you? Capturing your kid's (dog's, husband's, friend's - whoever's) tricks, magnetic smiles, food covered faces, or even just every day life... It's me, totally me.  I love to capture life's moments, every moments. Life is art, after all, and our handy little smartphones make it so easy to capture.  

Besides this blog here, my favorite social medium is Instagram, but I also know I can't spam that account with photo after photo - I try to be respectful of when and what I share.  Some people (my mom mainly), are interested in seeing more, like the little cute moments I capture of my babies.  And maybe my friends are interested in our recent travels. My family would probably love to see all the photos I captured of everyone at a recent wedding shower - better yet, maybe they have some of their own that they want to share and I want to see. 

So, what happens to all those photos upon photos in your phone's photo album?  Or worse, the photos that other's have in their photo album that you want?  I was recently introduced to the Seahorse app, a free photo scene curator and sharing app.  After trying it out, I totally think this could be an answer to those questions and give us the ability to unearth those hidden photo gems just lost in our photo albums.  With this app, you can document your life, upload your photos into scenes (like sets or albums), you can share with selected people (those that will care about said scene) and you can invite other's to add to your scenes (a la the photos other's have hiding in their phones) + much more. 

And it's free - I mentioned that, right? Free.

It's easy to use, like really easy (this coming from a girl that hates to read directions).  Here are a few photos of how I created my first scene (without having read any directions)...

You can take your photos with your camera and sync with Seahorse app, or take photos right through the Seahorse app. All photos taken in the Seahorse app are saved in the original resolution! Out of habit, I used my camera and just synced with the app.

After you have photos you want to cluster together into a scene (great for trips, or events where you've captured several photos), you can open then app (if you took photos via your camera, like I did) to sync your photo album and easily select the photos you want to include in your new scene.  

And then my favorite feature... share that cluster, set or scene of photos with those that actually care.  So a few photos with foot all over Nora's face?  My mom totally eats those up (pun intended), so I sent them to her (it will prompt you to allow access to your contacts to easily email off, and if they aren't already Seahorse app users, they can download it).  All scenes that are shared are co-owned by those invited.

There is still so much more I have yet to try out (like 'Magic,' where you shake your photo to discover past moments), and I'm going to have fun playing around with this app to learn more. I feel like it's going to be a great solution to help me organize and share my photos that would otherwise just sit in my phone!

What do you do with all the photos you have in YOUR photo album? How do you share or organize it all?  

If you're interested, you can download this app (for free!) for iPhone here and Android here!

Bonus! As like many apps, there is a Premium version that allows you extra storage space up to 5GB, and you can get this version FREE with code CLEVERHORSE now through October 31, 2014.  To access, download the free version, once you do, tap the icon (your account photo/icon) in the top left to access account settings.  Tap "Redeem" and type in the above code, then Go to activate.

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