Chasing Davies: 3 tips for getting your to-dos organized for fall!

September 2, 2014

3 tips for getting your to-dos organized for fall!

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3 tips for organizing your to-dos

Every new season brings a fresh start, a chance to clear out the old, an opportunity to organize and a step closer to simplifying. In your house, in your mind, in your relationships - where ever you might need it. I need it most in my home. Scattered toys fill my floors and that's not likely to change anytime soon, but there are other things I can do to make our home better served for our life.  For me this season, it started at Office Max where I picked up a few fun items to help make getting organized and cleaning up those to-dos a bit more fun. 

I spent a bit of my long holiday weekend putting these new goodies to use and getting ready for the new month, new season.  And no matter how busy you are, or how unorganized your home is, I have three tips to help you save some time and get to to-dos organized.

1. Get off your devices and back to paper.

I cannot tell you how many times we've forgotten something important going on or haven't properly planned ahead for something that snuck right up on us.  Sure, having devices are great for seamlessly integrating multiple calendars and sending you alerts, but what happens if you aren't staring at your phone, or during the morning mad-dash when the phone is already packed away for the taking?  Sometimes you need a calendar in plain sight.  It also helps keep track of things you need to plan ahead for, like getting a babysitter for that big wedding coming up or seeing a birthday approaching!  

I use Sharpies to color code the different events by person or type of activity, so it's easy to understand.  I also enjoy sitting down to a blank slate at the beginning of each month and mapping out what we know we have going on.  Then we can access the open evenings/weekends and decide what fun we might plan for.  As things pop up, it's easy for one of us to to update the calendar with all the Sharpies easily accessible in the mason jar I now store them in (instead of scattered throughout the house, hidden in drawers).  Keeping them all together makes it easy to find, store and even display on our Ikea cart.

2. Reminder notes without causing more mess.

This is my new favorite thing to do!  Instead of cluttering the house with more scraps of paper (ah hem, Greg), we can write important do-not-forget notes on the mirror in our bathroom with these fun Exon Neon Window Markers (great for white boards, mirrors or windows).  Plus, I think Liam is going to enjoy playing with these once he's a wee-bit older.

There is always something we are forgetting - like stuff for one of the kids at daycare, or things to tote to work, even lunch!  So now, as we're thinking about it the night before, we can write it down in plain sight.  Or we can even use to write nice notes. :)

3. Easy access to notes, labeling and lists.

Using the same space (or in our case, a cart that can easily roll to anywhere I need it or out of sight into a closet), allows for easy access and quicker task-doing. We have to label Nora's bottles for daycare daily, for example, so we use masking tap and Paper Mate pens to complete the task.  In the past, I've spent half the time it took to complete the task just looking for a pen.

I also have started to keep a note pad perfect for tracking grocery store needs in the same cart, usually located in the kitchen, so once we run out of something, we can add it right to the list before we forget.  It's little things that can shave a lot time off  chores and tasks that can't be avoided (but are less fun than other things in life...).

Now, tell me your organization secrets in the comments below!  One thing I'm still trying to figure out is how to organize all the incoming mail. I'm pretty good about weeding through and recycling the junk mail right away, but the rest of it... It piles up and stresses me out!

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