Chasing Davies: Back to School, Back to You!

August 26, 2014

Back to School, Back to You!

Getting back on track with fun workout gear
Whether it is you that's headed back to school, your kids or not technically at all... this is the best time of year to revamp your routine and get back on track. Summer can knock us off, wayyyy off in my case, with travel, kid activities, friend gatherings, family visits and just overall summer fun.  I am looking forward to the cooler weather ahead to work on my health and get back to working out (Fall is my FAVORITE for many reasons, including working out since the temps aren't too hot, nor too cold)!

One of my favorite workouts that I'm looking forward to getting back on track with is the Bar Method (you can read the 7 things I love about Bar classes right here).  If you live in the Kansas City area, there are two locations - Leawood (Park Place) and West Plaza (on Kansas side).  If you aren't in the KC area, they have studios in a lot of other cities, too.  See their full location list here.  

Bar Method offers classes at a variety of different times for you to find what's convenient to your schedule - like before work, mid-morning, over lunch or after work, plus on weekends.  And don't fret if your kids haven't gone back to school, or aren't in school at all... they have childcare at both locations!  I have taken Nora a couple of times when she's not had school, and it's been really great (plus it's only $4 per kiddo).  

Right now through August, Bar Method Kansas City is offering a discount on a new member's first month for only $67.50!  So if you've ever wondered about Bar workouts - now is the time to try it! 

Get your workouts restarted at the Bar and with these cute workout clothes and gear:

White Crossover Tank - Black & Blue 'Icy' Pant - Patterned Hair Ties 
Grey Tunic - Rev Up Stripe Tank - Grey Twilly Tank - Colorblock Tee
Coral Hi/Lo Tee - Orange Classic New Balance Sneakers - Rebel Yoga Tights
Glass Water Bottle & Cover - Bella Grip Socks - Push Up Sports Bra 

Thanks to the Bar Method for supporting this blog!  I picked up a few free classes for bringing you this great deal, because I  love it and think you will, too!

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