Chasing Davies: Our Fourth of July in Breckenridge

July 8, 2014

Our Fourth of July in Breckenridge

We started out the 4th of July claiming some space along Main Street, ready for the Breckenridge parade. But before the parade started up, the Firecracker 50 (miles) mountain bike race participants lined up for the big race.  Liam just watched all these riders, admiring their bikes.  In his little sweet voice, out of ear shot from any of the bikers, he kept asking "can I have your bike?"

Then the parade started, and soon into it came the firetruck ringing it's bell, sounding the siren and immediately Liam's attention was fully captured.  This parade lasted about an hour and a half and was made of of little kids' dreams (or at least Liam's!): race cars, horses, candy, trucks, construction equipment, a band and so much more.  It was the perfect way to start our day!

We later ended the night catching the fireworks from our condo just off Main Street.  It was way past Liam's bedtime, but he was excited to stay up and watch, so we bundled him up in a blanket over his PJs and went outside.  A few firecrackers in, and he declared he was ready to go back in!  So we watched a few more from inside through the window.  Giving it one more try, he bravely stated he was ready to go back out and watch.  So back bundled and out we went... and then quickly he ran back inside... "no, no, I stay inside.  I won't go back out."  We finished watching from inside. :) 

{The key to avoiding altitude sickness is staying hydrated!  Liam took this very seriously... camelback and all! ;)}

{Those pretty Clydesdale's I talked about yesterday all prettied up in the parade!}

{^^ After the parade, we continued walking down Main Street to where the shops slowly turned into beautiful homes... and happened upon this one. I think I should live here, no?}

{This boy and firetrucks.  After getting to see - and hear! - the one in the parade, we found our way to the actual fire station, where they let us check out the trucks.  It was pretty much a dream for this kid.} 

What a wonderful place to be on the 4th of July!  Hope you all had a great holiday, as well!

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