Chasing Davies: A trip to Austin, TX, and food to rave about

May 12, 2014

A trip to Austin, TX, and food to rave about

The trip was for work, but having never been to Austin before, a little extra fun was a must!  I didn't get to see any live music (isn't that something Austin is known for??), but made up for that with some really - I mean really - good meals.  So good, I just have to share a couple favorites/recommendations in case you ever find yourself in Austin (though I know I haven't even remotely experienced a fraction of what Austin has to offer...)!

I actually stayed outside Austin, at Lost Pines Hyatt.  This was a one-of-a-kind experience all in it's own!  I was there for a conference, which took place at this wilderness nestled luxury resort, complete with a lazy river. The whole pool area was awesome - a family-friendly vacation I should keep in mind for the future! 

The nights we high-tailed it into the city were awesome, too.  We really wanted to experience some local and highly raved about restaurants - starting with Jeffery's.  I had the most amazing steak (shared dry aged Niman Ranch Cote du Boeuf, perfect for 3-4 people) and split (to taste it all) a bunch of sides! My favorite sides were the Brussels sprouts baked with bacon bits... but the honey glazed carrots were a close second.  We started with the truffled deviled eggs... and oh my gosh, delish.  Shout out to perhaps one of the best servers ever, Edward!

 So is pizza a thing in Austin, or did I just stumble upon a street in SoCo where it all comes to lure you in with that smell that reminds you of college...? We just had to stop off for a quick slice on our way to dinner... yes, you read that right.  But 3 of us split one piece, so think of it more of an appetizer?  So good.

Perla's Seafood & Oyster bar might sound like an odd restaurant pick while smack in the middle of Texas, but the lobster roll rivals any I've had on the shores of many beach vacations before. Plus, they had an awesome porch, which we didn't sit on, but lingered a bit at the end to soak up some of the warm Austin night air.

I closed out the trip living it up for the last few hours before the strike of midnight at a couple of bars on Rainey Street.  Apparently 6th street is cool for the super young, but those a bit older (a la those that can't make it out past midnight) party in this historic district.  The conference I went to had the Container and Clive bars rented out and reserved for our party only, which I loved, because they were right next to one another and therefore not super crowded (I'm sounding older by the minute).  

Besides eat and do a bit of bar hoping, I hit up a yoga class on the grounds of our resort, outside, under a large tree. It was so lovely to practice outside (and the first time since maternity leave...).  I need to get back into yoga one way or another.  I also took full advantage of that lazy river during a conference break - in my yoga clothes since I had not brought a swim suit (rookie move...).  

All in all, the three days in Austin (or near), have me wanting to go back and experience it further (maybe some music?).  Have you ever been to Austin? What is/are your fav things to do there?

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