Chasing Davies: What to wear & bring to a conference!

April 2, 2014

What to wear & bring to a conference!

Blog conference outfit

I attend about 2-3 conferences a year (of various kinds) and have a couple coming up (Go Blog Social this Friday, for one!), so I wanted to share a few things I've learned along the way on what to wear and bring to be comfortable, prepared and, of course, stylish! I realize just because I'm in the conference mindset, you might not have one coming up, but some of these same tips could be applied to traveling!

Your Outfit:
Remember that when you are attending a conference (or traveling), you tend to do a lot of sitting! So when you are thinking about sliding into your mini skirt or dress, think again!  When you sit, that skirt hikes up further, baring a lot of thigh, plus you don't know the material those chairs might be made of (itchy fabric, cold metal, etc). I know I probably sound like a grandma here, but I've seen so many girls struggling to keep their skirt down as they sit, and no matter your body type, short skirts and sitting hardly ever looks attractive and is certainly not comfortable. 

So! Instead, try a maxi or midi skirt or dress that look good in sitting or standing position!  Plus, I think the added material here helps guard against other unknown variables - like the temperature (inside and out). A few of my favorite picks:
Statement Jewelry:
This is what can really make an outfit and impression.  Wear something more comfortable (like a simple maxi dress) and dress it up with a statement necklace (my preference) or earrings!  I particularly love the look of two necklaces layered to make an even grander statement.  Here are a few of my favs (that I also think you can mix and match!):

You Shoes:
Ok, so you will be sitting a lot, but you'll also be mingling and hurrying around to vendors/grab lunch/etc between sessions and conferences usually go on allll day - so just keep that in mind when you are picking out your hooves.  It is not cute to be seen wobbling from table to table or grimacing through pain - believe me, seen it and been there. 

Depending on the time of the conference, which most are during the day, flats are totally acceptable.  Plus there are so many cute ones these days - and if you are a girl that must have some hight, one word: wedges.  Here are some more shoe picks:

You Bag:
Time to bust out that, literally, carry-all!  You will be lugging more than normal with you, but also leaving with business cards, samples, products, etc.  

Don't forget to pack all your electronics (computer or tablet, smartphone) and then of course, the charges and extra batteries that come along with leading an e-life.  Plus a notebook and pen (what's are those?!) always come in hand.  And of course, business cards!  You want to make and impression and leave an impression, too!  I love the business cards from Moo because they really have personality to them + are affordable (winning!).

Some extras you might want to pack: your favorite beauty products for a midday refresh (lipstick, powder, concealer and deodorant for me!), extra bobby-pins/hair ties for your mane, water bottle to keep hydrated, a snack to keep the grumbles away, mints/gum and fun printed pashmina (in case it is cold!).  It might sound like a lot, but it can be a long day!

What are your must haves to bring to a conference?  
What have you loved to wear for a long day of sitting?

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