Chasing Davies: Shop with people your size!

January 9, 2014

Shop with people your size!

There is no shortage of online sources for all kinds of style inspiration... blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, and I am sure you participate in all of those social mediums already.  But there is one more you should join and I promise, you won't regret it!  BeauCoo is a body positive network for women where you can connect and follow other's based on their body types, dimensions and/or sizes.  This is a great way to shop for clothing and find outfit ideas based on how they'll more realistically work for your own body! 

I love the idea of this site because so often we see the same type of bodies in catalogs, in ads, all over Pinterest and in many blogs - not wrong or any less "real" (I hate that saying - "real body" because all bodies are real!), just lacking a variety of different bodies. This social network provides a space for all different body types to feel more comfortable sharing and finding realistic inspiration.  That popular Pinterest image (whatever one of the moment - you know, the one everyone pins) might depict a tall and slender girl in a wonderful outfit - but that outfit or style might not work on someone shorter with hips.  Or that popular dress everyone is snatching up might look better on someone with hips.  Either way and tons more variations - this is the place where you can see that information.  If you have hips, you can follow other's who do too and see what pieces they are finding to work and ways they're styling their body, for example.  I just love it.  
You can follow me on BeauCoo here!

BeauCoo quite easy to use, and you can do so through their site or via your mobile phone (iPhone & Android apps) to easily upload your own photos or see the latest in your feed (follow people you want or view everyone).  You can further customize your feed by viewing people with similar sizes/dimensions and by tops, bottoms or full body photos.

Learn how to use the app by watching this quick video:

If you're a blogger, this is a great network to further amplify your blog content.  You can also use your affiliate links for readers to buy directly from your BeauCoo posts.  It's simple - people with similar body types follow you, they like an outfit or piece of clothing you post and then can buy right there and then.  This network just further connects women directly to other women for inspiration that works for their body type!  

If you're not a blogger, this is a great way to share your favorite outfits without having to have a blog or feeling like you might be judged.  BeauCoo is a positive, non-judgmental network for women of all sizes to share and search for style inspiration! It makes buying clothes and getting dressed for your body fun.  You can follow and join in on the #BoPo (Body Positive) conversation right here.

If you're anyone, you should definitely give this network a try and at least, check it out. See how other people with similar body types are getting dressed!

This post is sponsored by BeauCoo, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.  I'm truly having a great time participating in this network and hope you'll join me and give it a try.  

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